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Modern skis and snowboards are true wonders of technology. Just like a Formula 1 car, they also require fine-tuning, in order to guarantee great fun on the slopes and highest safety.

Our ski service is virtually the pit lane before you hit the slopes. Thanks to modern computer technology, we prepare the edges and treads of your boards and skis, in order to adapt them optimally to your style and your skills. It does not matter which range of “ski hardware” you prefer – from entry level all the way to high-tech skis. At the Skiarea Miara, there are exclusively experts at work – words like "pressure curve", "tuning angle" and "vario structure" are part of their everyday vocabulary.

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Our fully automatic tuning robot Discovery from the company Wintersteiger does not leave anything to chance.


From small scratches to the ideal setting of the bindings and coating repair – the expert team at the Skiarea Miara is ready!

For skis and snowboards of the latest generation, a top preparation of edges and treads is essential. Fun and safety on the slopes go hand in hand with the proper treatment of skis and boards.

The Skiarea Miara is always up-to-date and relies on an ultra-modern, fully automated robot by the company Wintersteiger. Discovery - the model name - not only adapts each ski and board to the current snow conditions, but also guarantees an individual tuning. Of course, at the Skiarea Miara each ski or board is perfectly prepared before rental to ensure an outstanding winter sports experience.

During an extended ski vacation - even with the perfect slopes at Plan de Corones - skis and snowboards may experience extreme strain. Thus, your equipment may suffer damages.

Our team of experts at the Skiarea Miara will repair any damage to your skis or snowboards with plenty of expertise, quickly, permanently, and at a reasonable price. We only use the best materials on the market: resins, glazes, fillers or final coatings. Even with major damage, such as coating damage caused by deep scratches or edge damage, our professionals know exactly what to do.