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The lessee assumes full responsability for all rented equipment.

  1. The use of bicycles (either with or without electric pedal assistance) requires a certain level of physical fitness and technical proficiency. Therefore, the user, also known as the hirer, declares that, by renting bicycles and e-bikes (electrically assisted pedal cycles), he or she is equipped, in all instances, with the necessary skills and competence. Written parental consent is required from parents or guardians prior to use by minors. In fact, by signing the rental agreement (as well as providing proof of identity), the parent/guardian assumes all responsibility, thereby authorising the minor to use the bike and/or e-bike in accordance with these rules.
  2. For the purpose of hiring, the customer (hirer) must present a valid identification document.
  3. The customer (hirer) is responsible for the hired equipment until it is returned to the operator (rental company). Additionally, he/she is responsible for any damage done to the bicycle, third parties, and property during the rental period, as well as for any theft that may occur. The operator (rental company) cannot be held liable for any compensation.
  4. The rented equipment is not insured against theft, loss, or exchange. The hirer is entirely responsible for the risk. During rental, the user (hirer) is not covered by any insurance. Furthermore, the bicycle is not covered by liability insurance. The user (hirer) is therefore required to comply with the Italian traffic code. In the event of improper use of the bike or failure to adhere to the Italian traffic code, the rental company disclaims all responsibility.
  5. Loss, theft, or damage to rented equipment will be charged to the hirer at the rental company’s purchase price, with a possible reassessment based on wear and tear over time.
    It should be noted that:
    In the event of theft and loss, the hirer is required to inform the rental company and the police immediately. 
    In the event of damage, due to inappropriate use, vandalism and/or partial damage, the hirer is required to inform the rental company and he will be responsible for the repair costs according to the rental company's spare parts list. The rental company can examine the damage up to the day after the return.
  6. Bicycles should be used as a means of transportation for tourists and should be treated with respect. It is forbidden to use them for sporting purposes, including jumps and tricks. Bikes may not be transferred for use to third parties.
  7. It is possible to upgrade the bike during the rental period for an additional fee. It is not possible to receive a refund if the material is replaced with something of lesser quality.
  8. The cost of renting equipment will be calculated up to and including the day of return. The bikes must be returned by 5 pm on the last day. If delivery occurs after the specified time, an additional day of rental will be charged.
  9. If the operator of the rental company finds that the user/hirer has failed to comply with the contractual terms or misused the bicycle, they may demand its immediate return. Depending on the circumstances, the operator of the rental company may refuse hire to persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs or for any other reason at his/her sole discretion.
  10. Bicycles, e-bikes, and equipment must be returned exclusively to the operator (and not to a third party). This is to conduct checks on it. In the event that, due to unforeseen circumstances, the bicycle must be collected or replaced by the hirer at a place other than the handover location, the operator may charge an hourly rate of € 35.00 for the necessary intervention.
    If the bicycle is not returned to the rental company by the contractually agreed date, a theft report shall be automatically filed on the seventh day following that date.
  11. There will be no monetary compensation given in the event of early termination of the rental agreement and return of the rented equipment. A reimbursement in the form of a voucher will only be made in the event of sickness and/or accident accompanied by a regular medical certificate, as well as the relevant commercial rental agreement.
  12. Each individual hire booking (both on-site and online) is validated and confirmed with the payment by the user of the full amount of the hire charge (to be settled in advance).
    In the case of a reservation, the entire deposit is required for validation, and if the reservation is not used, as a result of illness or accident (supported by a regular medical certificate as well as relevant commercial rental agreement), the deposit will be refunded as a voucher valid for one year. There is no reimbursement for meteorological events.
  13. The rental agreement is valid for all purposes under the terms and conditions of online booking.
  14. With electrically assisted pedal cycles, also known as e-bikes, a change in altitude of 800 metres can be guaranteed with a fully charged battery.
  15. All bicycles are rented by the rental company to customers with a maximum weight of 100 kg. If the customer's weight exceeds the maximum limit, the hirer is responsible for any damages caused to himself/herself, the bicycle, or third parties. The costs of damage to bicycles and e-bikes will be charged according to the suppliers' spare parts lists.
  16. Bicycles are constantly adjusted and checked by specialised operators. The hirer, by signing, expressly consents to the professional adjustment of seat height, brakes, and bike geometry according to his/her personal information. By signing his/her name, the hirer certifies that he/she has verified the correct working of the bicycle and accepts the condition of the rented object.
  17. Bicycles are identified by a serial number. Labels/identification numbers may not be removed or altered in any way.
  18. The hirer accepts and confirms the use of all safety equipment (helmet, diff. protectors, etc.) provided by the rental company.
  19. Rental and use of bicycles is subject to the user's knowledge and acceptance of these regulations, tariffs, and rental times. The asset manager is the company Skiarea Miara S.r.l. with registered office in Strada Plan de Corones 76, 39030 Marebbe - VAT and Tax Code no. IT00420590218. In all matters not specifically mentioned herein, the relationship between the (contracting) Parties is governed by the Civil Code.
  20. Regardless of the location of the hirer, all legal acts are subject to national law.
  21. The hirer declares that he/she has taken notice of the aforementioned regulations. Furthermore, in accordance with EU Regulation no. 2016/679 for the protection of personal data, he/she authorises the rental company in question to use his/her personal information for statistical purposes and to be kept informed about future market developments.